Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 74

I expected the kids to be a bit off the hook today, and they were. After 12 days off they went a bit nuts. I gave them plenty of slack, and just made sure they didn't hurt each other or break things. Teaching was out of the question, except for about 10 minutes of science MSA prep using my New Mexico desert and rock formation photos.

During third period I heard crashing desks next door and then Miss J's "help!" I rushed over and broke up a fight between a short stocky and a tall lanky sixth grader. I used my Tai Chi form without thinking about it, the "whip" pose, with one hand out front and another behind, to keep the fighters apart.

BTW, I suspect that my Tai Chi instructor is relaxed by more than just Tai Chi.

Less than two months to go, and the supplies I ordered using Title I money are finally starting to arrive. I got 30 nice hardbound thesauri today. I hope I get my document reader and all my other goodies so I can play with them this year.

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