Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 76

First thing this morning I have two kids in my home room complaining about their stomachs and saying they are cold. It's fucking 92 degrees outside and my room at 8am is already hot enough to bake adobe bricks. Then there is a girl puking on the floor in the hall outside my door. I page the office and say "there is a girl puking in the hall" and eventually someone comes up and puts that sawdust down and sweeps it away. But I am freaking out to have kids exhibiting flu symptoms, given the news and whatnot.

The rest of the day is fairly typical: kids haywire, fighting, pushing, not paying attention. They're all excited because the City schools are supposed to close by law if it's 90 degrees by 11am, but the CEO never follows that rule-if he did we would have closed ten times in September last year and 20 times the year before.

So we swelter and suffer together. They're not doing their work, I'm barely doing my job. It's a system.

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