Monday, February 11, 2008

Sam and Ella

Oh, god. It's been years since I was hit with food poisoning. I spent last night curled miserably at the foot of the toilet, leaping up at sudden fluctuations of bowel, stomach, or gorge. Often I had to make lightning-quick decisions about the direction of foul fluid, barely situating the appropriate orifice in time.

Those moments when two orifices were engaged at once shall remain undiscussed, except to note I felt like a high-wire act in some Hellish circus.

My stomach felt full of hot brick, my temperature achieved 102 at one point, and now I'm dehydrated and shaky and weak.

I blame a rotisserie chicken purchased at the Hampden SuperFresh yesterday. I may never eat rotisserie chicken again. At one point chunks of it were up my nose.

Needless to say I called out sick and I'm going to try and sleep for the first time since Sunday morning.


Earth Dragon said...

In this country, chicken - unless raised on an organic farm and purchased by you from said farm - should be avoided ALWAYS. I've read too much (not sharing) about how they suffer and how their treatment poses potential suffering for us.

The rest of the meat industry is not much better. WE take our lives in our mouths when we eat any corporately produced animal product.

fernie said...

Sounds just like what I had the day after Christmas and that wasn't food poisoning. It was Thyphoid Gabby! Maybe you had contact with one of your students that brought this on. God forbide it should be the chicken. What would you eat if you had to give it up?

Anonymous said...

ah yes, cactus......