Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 106

Oh, man. Today the kids were off the chain. All I had to do was give them a goddamn unit test. Piece of cake, right? Ha. Half the class first period got zeroes for talking. Kids were out of their seats, roaming around, completely disregarding everything I said. I was breaking up a spat between a young man and young lady who were trying to spray each other with an overhead transparency cleaning spray when the 8th grade administrator popped in the room. "Same kids every day. There is something wrong with these kids," she said, and left.

Now that's leadership.

I told the kids I was calling their parents to hoots and howls of derision. I told them I was going to videotape them and show the video to their parents. They danced, they mooned the camera, they fronted hard core. I wish I could show you the video, but of course it's illegal to show video of kids without their parents' permission.

Strangely, I didn't lose my temper or lose my cool. I simply tried my best to rein it in, and worked with those students who wanted to do well on their tests as best I could.

3rd period was a dream.

Now I'm ready for a 3-day weekend.

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alicia said...

I know Booker T. is completely different from Hereford Middle out in the sticks. But I think it was my sixth grade social studies teacher that had a little part of the chalk board dedicated to points for each class. Maybe you had her too? The class with the most amount of points got a pizza party at the end of the year. You got points for good work etc. Points were subtracted for bad stuff. I remember getting my class like an extra 1000 pts for letting her know that a few countries were spelled wrong on her dittos. :) I only knew they were spelled wrong after a quiz on them, and I KNEW I had memorizes the exact way they were spelled on the ditto sheet. But still got them wrong on the quiz. Ahhh ditto they still use them? We had a great pizza party that year.