Thursday, February 14, 2008


My Mom went in for surgery this morning to remove a ruptured disk. The surgeon went in through the front of her neck--I'm assuming that's because it's less invasive, and makes for easier healing than ripped open back muscles. But all I know about surgery comes from watching M*A*S*H when I was a kid.

She was in agony before the surgery, and within a few hours of recovery was already in better spirits and much less pain than before, and was even walking herself to the toidy and back. I was there for a few hours and she didn't hit the morphine button once. Even when I unplugged the morphine tube and held it over a shot glass she wouldn't hit it.

Poor Mom! What a way to spend Valentine's Day. Glad she's okay now, with a new shock absorber at vertebra 6.


alicia said...

Hope your mom has a speedy recovery. Back pain is the worst.

fernie said...

I don't know the difference between a ruptured disk and a herniated disk but what I had was herniated. It all boils down to pain so I guess it doesn't matter. Thanks for spending some time with me. Always makes Momma feel good.