Thursday, February 28, 2008


So Ralph Nader is running again. I don't care. Everyone has the right to run, and his impact shall be scant. Once Ralph started taking money from right-wing lunatics in 2004 I began to believe those asserting Ralph was merely egomaniacal and not simply interested in pulling the Democrats leftward.

But I note that Nader's running mate was announced today. I've hung out with Matt Gonzalez. I've drunk coffee and whiskey with Matt Gonzalez. I've toured around the Baltimore Museum of Art with him. He's stayed at my house two times for long weekends. He was almost mayor of San Fran, narrowly losing to that pipsqueak Gavin Newsom. I like Matt Gonzalez. He would make a great Green Party candidate for Senate or Congress (or mayor, again). He knows a lot about cool things like art and music and poetry. I think he has an MA in Lit.

I'm not sure why Gonzalez would associate himself with Nader's campaign, however. Nader won't be the Green nominee for President--he wasn't last time (it was David Cobb). I think Gonzalez should distance himself from Ralph if he wants to have a future in a viable national Green Party or grassroots progressive movement.

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