Monday, February 18, 2008

Beef--it's what's for dinner

Humane Society video found at Raw Story which shows sick 'downer' cows being forced into slaughter pens by any means necessary. These sick cows are never supposed to enter the food chain, but Hallmark slaughterhouse in California grinds them up and ships them to, of all places, school lunch programs. The abusive treatment of the animals speaks for itself; the flagrant disregard for safety in the food supply is not atypical of corporate behavior.

The USDA has responded to the information in the video with the largest beef recall in US History. It's a shame that we can't get a USDA which proactively inspects and polices these kinds of facilities instead of waiting for a crisis to respond.


Silenus said...

The USDA under this wonderful Republican administration is non-stop laughs. This is like that Monty Python sketch where John Clease is trying sell the dead parrot. "She's not a mad cow, she's only stupid....." It's blind, retarded and it can't walk....mmmmm yummm go ahead, make a hamburger out of it.

Anonymous said...

I think it's been going on longer than the last 8 years. Get smart!

Ben Wright said...

The effectiveness of the Humane Society's video (which triggered this recall) demonstrates how technology compels all citizens and organizations to be ever more diligent about complying with laws and regulations.