Friday, February 08, 2008

Day 103

I was tempted to call out sick for the first time this morning, but decided against it. The kids made me grumpy yesterday, and I wanted to get right back on the horse instead of sitting around the house.

They were comparing themes across texts. I modeled a couple of Greek myths for them, then they worked in groups finding themes and comparing them for two Alicia Keyes songs: "No One" and "If I Ain't Got You." Playing the songs in class was about the most fun thing evah. The worst, meanest, most hateful kids were singing and waving their arms around, the fashionistas were off the chain, everyone was filling in their graphic organizers and doing their worksheets. When they did independent practice everyone was on point, but they asked me to play the songs again as they worked, and I did so.

Funny how when we stray from the required curriculum we get engaged students who give a shit. I wonder what would have happened if we'd read "Oh Captain My Captain" and "Daffodils" today as mandated?

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