Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Day 114

For the third day in a row there was a fight immediately in third period. Monday Morris and Tarantino were strangling each other over a stolen pen. Tuesday E. and Keyoe were fighting and dumping trash cans on top of each other. Today Shontrice and Keyona nearly came to blows but I got between them and kept them apart. Such drama. Such bullshit.

We might actually have gotten through a lesson today, but the class was called down for hearing and vision tests, which took almost the entire class period. It would be nice to have advance warning about such things.

The lesson plans Lukie wrote for next week, and the one I wrote for tomorrow are now useless. We've received a City-wide exam, we have to give it tomorrow, and we had no notice of this fact until today. So now we're starting a new Unit next week despite never having finished the current Unit.

Again, what bullshit, what drama. Drama is our next Unit.

I hear a photo has surfaced of Anne Frank's crush object Peter Schiff. I'll show it to the kids, some of whom really liked reading the dramatic version of The Diary of Anne Frank.

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