Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gist from the Mill

Steven is correct. The Bush Administration has been a tremendous success; they have achieved their primary goals. I said so myself here two years ago:

Their handling of foreign policy and Iraq and domestic policy might seem incompetent, but that's not their true job, at least as they see things. Their true job is transferring public resources to private hands, and they're doing a magnificent job. If Iraq or anything else was going smoothly it would be harder for them to rob us all blind.

Today is primary day in Maryland. The polls were busy when I voted at 7:35am. The big Democratic party players in MD are leaning DLC, with Gov. O'Malley and Sen. Babs Mikulski in bed with the Clintons. Rep. Elijah Cummings is touting Obama.

I haven't heard Sen. Cardin endorse anyone yet. I'm terribly curious to see how things play out today in the Chesapeake caucuses. I would not be surprised if Clinton took Va or MD narrowly. I would also not be surprised if Obama blew her out of the water in all three contests. I'd be most pleased by the latter potentiality.

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