Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Four years ago this time, I was reading three newspapers daily, following political blogs assiduously, and watching all those news shows.

I've been trying to stay away this time, but felt the siren call this week following Barack Obama's victory in Iowa, and started watching cable and network coverage before New Hampshire.

What a sad state of affairs. Endless speculation, spurious gossipy asides, and pointless discussions of candidates "tearing up." This morning everyone was talking about "how we got New Hampshire so wrong."

You got it wrong because you suck.

Again, I note that partisan dingbat Pat Buchanan looms large over many of these cuckoos. Sometimes his analysis is actually interesting, and he was the first person I saw (on Joe Scarborough's AM crapfest) to say that it was ok for Hilary to tear up because she's a human being, and he didn't see why it garnered all sorts of media hoopla.

I think I'll go back into hibernation, even though I'm terribly interested in how this is going to shake out. We all should be. I just wish we had media capable of covering the process and informing potential voters, instead of power-hungry star-struck nimrods who learned journalism watching Nancy Grace and Dr. Phil.

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I order this book but, unfortunately my gift certificate is gone. Boohoo!!