Thursday, January 03, 2008

Local Tunesmiths

A local songwriter showcase last night featured Rob Thorworth and Ellen Cherry, with David Glaser hosting. A good time was had by all.

Ellen Cherry has an upcoming CD release party at the 2640 Space, which rules (I've been there many times for shows, weddings, and political events). Ellen's new CD is quite something (more later!), and rumor has it she'll be appearing on Baltimore Unsigned with the full band, so check it out!

Rob has a new baby, so he's got no forthcoming CDs. But Dig it Up and Life is Suffering get a lot of play at my house. (Sample tracks here.)

I'd never heard David Glaser--he's also rather good. Sort of like a cross between Dave von Ronk and Bob Mould.

Enjoy the YouTube clips. Unfortunately I don't have top-'o-the-line vid equippage.


ellen cherry said...

i swear i'm not sleeping during Rob's's just THAT SONG, man. it knocks me over everytime i hear it. and to watch him play it....whew. i suppose i was trying to cover the blush on my cheeks.

i can't play the other video! i'm going to try again. your camera is better than mine and i want to see what you got. thanks for coming out last night. it was great to see you.

also, S and i were talking about how cool it would be if B'more could "break" like a Seattle or Austin. There're alot of good writers here....

Nyarlathotep said...

I had to refresh the page myself to play the other video--not sure why. Perhaps because I uploaded it very recently? It might work better later.

I have more to upload but they take forever on DSL.