Monday, January 28, 2008

Life in West B'more

Life in SoWeBo, originally uploaded by Blog-Sothoth.

Some big fuss going on when I came home from work. Helicopters, foot chases, about a dozen cars rushing around at McCulloh and Whitelock.

The kids were wretched today. They hated Lukie's "analyze themes in Stevie Wonder songs" lesson. TJ wouldn't shut up the entire class period, so I gave him unsatisfactories on his basketball team conduct sheet. Then he cussed me out and told me to "suck his ass," at which point I told him one more word and I'd get him kicked off the team. Yasmin gave me a ton of attitude, Ka'nika said "Y'all know we don't understand what we're doing. We just copy what you say." Taymon threw a hat across the room. I wanted to crawl under a desk and sleep.

I expected all of this. Now that I'm the teacher every day they're going to push me, and see what I'll tolerate. I stopped the lesson finally and told them they had to do the scheduled classwork for homework, alongside their other assignment.

I can take the heat. I just need to buy liquor on the way home.

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