Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day 92

I saw Shaq on the school stop list this morning, meaning he was suspended. Then I saw Shaq hiding inside a stairwell door. "You need to leave the building Shaq. You are on the stop list."

"I know."

"If they find you you will get another 4 days, and then you will get transferred to another school."

"I know."

"Ok, man. I warned you."

I walked back into class. Yazmine said "You talkin' to Shaq out there. I seen you."

Then Shaq got jacked up for trespassing by Lukie and an AP. Immediately Yazmine started telling other students I was a snitch. By the time I got to the cafeteria the kids were saying I'd sold out and was doing teacher business.

I mean, yeah, whatever. I didn't snitch on Shaq, I warned him. But I can use this new reputation to my advantage if I play it right. Tomorrow I've got to be The Man anyhow as I take over two of the worst classes for the rest of the year.

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