Friday, January 04, 2008

Day 77

Took over first and third periods from Lukie today, and things went relatively well. Had a problem early on in third period: Timmy, TJ, and Taymen wouldn't stop talking. I asked them to be quiet once; then I told them that if I was forced to address them again someone would be leaving the room and it wouldn't be me. In her observation notes, Lukie wrote: "excellent teacher tone!" To tell you the truth, I'm conflicted about this praise. I hate teacher tone. I used to do everything I could to derail class when I suffered through the monotony of public school. Now I've sold out.

TJ looked hurt that I was so obviously becoming The Man. "Dag, Mr. G. I thought we was tight. Now you gettin' all teachy up in here."

The students were excited about Barack Obama. Taymen said "Yo man, black people takin' over!" Davis put his fist in the air at this. "Power to the people. Hilary came in second and shit."

"Nuh-uh," Yasmine replied. "Hilary came in third. She finished behind that Opie-lookin' muthafucka."

I'll say one thing about these 8th graders. They know more about politics than my freshmen at Towson University did.

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