Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 88

Yesterday I wrote a nurse's pass for Rasheer, who claimed she wasn't feeling well. She'd been hospitalized at a local psychiatric unit for a few weeks recently following an episode at home. Her one-on-one assistant has again been absent lately, but I thought Rasheer was competent to make it downstairs. She never returned to class.

When I arrived home I saw her kissing a much older man on my street. I immediately called Lukie, who called Rasheer's mother.

This morning Rasheer was in the building but not in class. She saw me in the hall and freaked out. "Why the fuck you call my mother? Why you snitchin'?" Her eyes were huge and round and swimming in opposite directions, she was incoherent and unfocused. I'd already spoken to the school counselor about her in the morning. Miss B said simply: "Her mom is at a loss. She says Rasheer hasn't taken her meds in three days."

"Rasheer," I said. "When you are not in class I am still responsible for you. If you got hurt I would be terribly sad. I need to know where you are, and I will always tell your mother if you are not where you are supposed to be."

"I'm pissed off, Mr. G," she said. Then she said "Psych!" Then she laughed and started slapping the walls. I thought of her being maced and thrown on the floor by Officer Black a few months ago, the last time she stopped taking her meds. She's heading in that direction again.

Meanwhile, we have a young fellatrix in our class who has taken to writing her own name and phone numbers on desks all over school, with her own little marketing line: "Want your dick sucked? Call me." She includes both a cell and home number. The social worker and the counselor have been working with her daily because she's been caught several times servicing large groups of males at once in the stairwells. Apparently it's not working.

And I started today by catching E. Muffin jerking off in class. I suppose this is better than breaking up fist-fights.

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