Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 96

Two days ago some students pushed a heavy computer monitor out a 2nd floor classroom window. Word amongst the faculty and students is that someone got hurt, but everything is quite hush-hush pending a police investigation. I've always instinctively walked far away from the windows when I leave in the afternoons.

Yesterday we had a lock-down because there was a power outage and there were kids running the halls. The new principal has yet really to get the halls under control, and it's a big problem. He has drastically increased suspensions, so we do have a lot of bad actors out of the building much of the time, but no true learning will happen until we get the hoods, thugs, and goof-offs out of the hallways during class.

Today my theme lesson went reasonably well. During third period the English Dept supervisor and a lady from the State Dept. of Ed observed me. The kids were much less chaotic than usual, but they did swear a lot and throw things.

But more than half the class got their classwork done and demonstrated they'd mastered the skill. That pleased the observers no end.

The next two days are "professional development" days. That means planning time and and then long happy hours at Kelly's Pub.

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