Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Democracy in Action

I received a notice from our mortgage company that they were increasing our monthly payment by $700. They said our escrow account was in the negative and that our City tax rate was much higher than expected. Needless to say, I hit the roof.

The increase was due to a tax credit miscalculation which the City was supposed to have fixed back in July. The fix was never processed, though we were promised it had been taken care of. Our mortgage company paid more than $3000 in taxes and we only had $600 in escrow.

This morning I emailed our new City Councilman, naming the names of those who'd promised this problem was fixed, and telling him the entire sordid story. By noon he'd tongue-lashed the schmucks at the City and State property assessment and tax offices, and I had emails promising action waiting from a variety of bureaucrats who wouldn't return my calls in July.

Thank you, William Cole. That was fast action! Now that I know how responsive and helpful you can be, I have some suggestions about Booker T. Washington Middle School...

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