Monday, October 01, 2007

Day 20 something or other

Lukie was trying to teach students in our first class the importance of following along in the text as the teacher reads. "You might know some words, but not know how they look on the page. You can work your brain and make new connections."

She used the example of the word lingerie, putting it on the board and asking students to pronounce it. Everyone said "linger-ee" or some such.

"It's lingerie," Lukie said. "Everyone knows what lingerie is, but I didn't know how it looked written down until I saw the sign in the store and my mom said the word to me."

In second period, Lukie wrote lingerie on the boar and asked the same question. Yasmine immediately said "I know what that is. It's what you and Mr. G went shopping for this weekend."


Swanksalot said...

thread hijack:

Can you go utilize your over-developed Perfect Pushup physique and beat up somebody in Burtonsville MD for me? We've retained a lawyer, but I'd get a lot more satisfaction if I could bloody this guy's Bruno Maglis instead. I realize you are not a violent person, but could you make an exception this once?

/thread hijack.

Note to the FBI - I'm just kidding, mostly.

Nyarlathotep said...

Dag, I'll round up some of my outstanding young Bloods from 1st period. We'll pay a visit to Burtonsville.

All on the down-low, of course. Everyone on my crew has seen the "Stop Snitchin'" video with Carmello Anthony.