Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

We lived at the old house in Towson for 11 years. Before the invasion of the college renters, it was a quiet community made up of young families and middle-aged and retired couples. There were beaucoup littluns in the area. In 11 years we had three trick-or-treaters, who came all together at 9:30pm on our first Halloween. They were 13-year-old boys who weren't even in costume, and I gave them all of the candy we'd bought, which was quite a haul considering we expected dozens of door-ringers.

Here we are in the City, and I wonder if things will be different. There are a lot of littluns on our block, but do they dress up and go door-to-door? In Towson there was a lot of the suburban paranoia about razor blades in apples, crystal meth in the Reeses' Cups, and pederasts in the bushes. Everyone took their kids to the mall, where Nordstrum and Starbucks and Crate and Barrel handed out store-branded mints.

We'll find out tonight I guess. I know the 8th graders at Booker T. are planning to egg houses, treats or no. TR asked Lukie what kind of car she drove. "I drive a pink Cadillac," she lied. "I sold enough Mary Kaye to earn it." TR said "I only want to know so I can guard your car from eggs."

Lukie treated this comment with an appropriate amount of disdain as Kaneeka said "You need to take me to the Barbie store in your pink Cadillac."

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