Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 39

Shontriqua and Martine come to the classroom at lunch because they were late this morning and they need to finish their benchmark exams.

Shontriqua asks me what happened to Miss R, the Social Studies teacher. "She's in the hospital," I say. "She had a stroke."

Miss R had a stroke after dealing with the Class from Hell one too many times. She's not in good health anyway, being severely obese and having asthma. The stress of 30 kids throwing books, leaving the class at will, wrestling, and talking sass proved too much. I hope she's ok, and that this was merely a warning, and that she begins to take care of herself.

"Shontriqua cussed her out last Friday. And threw a book at her!" Martine says.

"Shut up bitch! I didn't throw the book at her. I threw it on the floor and told her to pick it up."

"And then you cussed at her!"

"Yeah. I feel bad about that now."

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