Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 40

Today while I taught about character motivation Lukie made a detailed script of what happened in class. "My mentor did this for me during my first year. I think you'll find it helpful. And hilarious!"

It is amusing. Here are some snippets:

Teacher is writing on chalkboard. Tayon is telling Moneesha about sweet pussy.

TR stands and moves behind SD's chair. Teacher asks TR to sit. He asks TR to sit again. In the meantime, SW, KL, and TL are out of their seats, but Teacher doesn't notice. TL and KL are rubbing lotion and smelling each others' hands.

Tayon leaves his seat. Teacher asks Tayon to return to seat. Tayon says "Man I am gonna fart!" Teacher allows Tayon a moment in the hallway.

TR, KL, SW all say they have to fart. Teacher tells them to stay where they are. TR farts loudly. Teacher says "Let's be adult about this." SW shouts "That's one adult stink!" The class laughs loudly.

During instruction, 6 students are on task. 14 are looking around or listening to Ipods or whispering to each other.

During classwork phase, 10 students are on task. 3 are out of chairs. 2 are sleeping. 5 are talking or listening to music.

Teacher circulates. Tayon asks Moneesha if he can get with her. Moneesha says no. Tayon says she don't have any sweet pussy nohow. Moneesha throws her notebook at Tayon. Teacher calls out Moneesha for throwing notebook.

This is the good class. To be fair, were I to take notes while Lukie was teaching, there wouldn't be much difference. It's a constant barrage of silliness. At least we haven't had any fights for a couple weeks.


Silenus said...

Always frame the character motivation in terms of sweet pussy. Mr. Darcey is motivated because he wants Elizabeth's sweet pussy. Heathcliff is motivated by Catharine's sweet pussy. World literature is full of characters motivated by sweet pussy. These kids don't have it wrong.

Nyarlathotep said...

I needed a topic for a month-long unit plan assignment in English Methods. I think Sweet Pussy is perfect.