Sunday, October 07, 2007


She has the purest pipes of any singer working today, a voice so precise and clear it sounds otherwordly. She also happens to be a bluegrass singer. He of course is one of rock's mightiest and most influential figures, aging now to the degree that his best post-Zeppelin work is more than two decades old. I could never have imagined this combo.

WTMD keeps playing their Everly Bros cover "Gone Gone Gone," however, and it is fucking awesome. Plant doesn't have his former range of course, but he's still got strength as a rock singer, and Krauss sings a breathy harmony behind him that's really delicious. I can't wait to hear other tracks, and might actually buy this, if for no other reason than to hear Plant sing harmony behind her--I don't think I've ever heard him sing harmony. Produced by T. Bone Burnett.

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