Monday, October 22, 2007

out of alignment

I don't have much spare time for reading now. Last year by this time I'd read 80-something books. I think I'm at about 45 this year so far. But I've been slowly working my way through Richard Tarnas's Cosmos and Psyche for months. It's a blast. Do I believe it? Well, uh...Sure, why not? I'm inclined at this point to believe in malevolent planetary alignments. Something must explain all the bad shit friends and family are going through right now. Just this weekend M&M's puppy Socrates ate a sewing needle and thread--emergency surgery for the poor little guy.

No lie. Suicides, strokes, serious car accidents, sicknesses, lawsuits, deaths...A lot of catastrophes have been happening amongst my acquaintances recently. Where's Pluto right now? Saturn? What charms must I wear? What beast's entrails should I handle?

Just look at the last couple months in our family: Ma's stroke, my accute bronchitis, the Jetta dying on President's St. at 9pm on a Saturday, a flat tire on the same car a week later, devestating ich in both fish tanks at once....

But mal-aligned astral bodies don't bother me. Bring 'em on!

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