Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 07

Halloween 07, originally uploaded by Blog-Sothoth.

We had gobs of tricker-treaters tonight. They started showing around 4pm, tiny Spidermans, witches, and bees. Then there were some chubby Supermans and Batmans. Several kids, like this guy, showed up without costumes. Cha would run to her bag of Halloween gear and give them a mask or feather boa before she'd let me give them candy.

It was fun. Of course all the thugs are out in the hood now. We took down the decor to make our home less of an egg target.


Mom said...

That isn't a plastic pumpkin in the window, is it?

Nyarlathotep said...

Yes, it is. We had no time to decorate, and threw this stuff together today!

A real pumpkin on our stoop probably wouldn't be such a good idea anyway.

ellen cherry said...

you and Cha are sweeter than I am. any kid who had a costume, ANY costume, got candy. but if you showed up at my door (and adults did, without costumes and expecting something!!) you had to tell me a joke or a riddle to get an Almond Joy (i'm mean: that's the candy i don't like out of all the different types we had). i heard some funny stuff last night. No eggs for us this year, but at one point, there were 6 kids standing on the porch making fun of each other's riddles and lame jokes. Sometimes, if they couldn't think of something, they would describe what they were wearing. ?

by the way, riddle me this:

what happens twice in a week, never in a month and once in a year?

he stumped me and got a handful of candy. can you get it?

Nyarlathotep said...

I'm terrible at solving riddles. The Sphinx would have munched me right up.

I'm stumped.

Alicia said...

EEs happen. Silly.

We had some trick or treaters this year. But we always have too much candy. One of my favs was a perfect replica of Darth Vader. I mean this little one meant business no tacky plastic for him, he had everything, just in miniature, down to a light saber and mini helmet. You could tell his Dad appreciated it much better then the tiny three year old wearing it. But it was tooo cute.

casey said...

Nice stoop!

Nyarlathotep said...

Thanks! B'more=relatively affordable real estate.