Monday, October 08, 2007

Yet Another Day

Last week Keyon was wandering the halls when Lukie saw him. "Keyon you have to come to language arts class in the morning. You are failing because you have not been in my class once the whole year."

"I don't understand language arts," he said.

"Well if you come and work with me we'll help you out. Your first grade reports come out tomorrow and you'll never get into a good City-wide high school if you have a 0 in a core class."

Later she told me: "He's got a note in his file that says he is a dangerous student. I think he seems pretty charming. I wonder what's up?"

Today Keyon came to class on time. Lukie asked him at one point why he wasn't copying any notes. "Fuck you bitch. You fuck with me and I'll cut your fucking throat."

"You need to leave this room Keyon. Nobody talks to me like that." She gave him a worksheet and a pass and told him to go to the Office to work on it."

"Suck me you fucking whore. I ain't leaving. Nobody disrespects me the way you is."

Lukie called the Office and requested security come remove Keyon from her class. He waited a few seconds then ran out in the hall. I pointed him out as security came.

Minutes later Keyon was back, banging on the door and screaming. Lukie opened it, Keyon cussed at her, and she closed the door. "Bitch don't be slamming no doors in my face! I'll kill you!" he screamed. She locked the door.

"I think I understand that note about being dangerous now," Lukie said.

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