Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 36

The Class from Hell had mercy on me this morning. They were respectful, they listened to directions, they produced quality written responses, they participated when I asked questions. There was only one fire, one beat-down, and a brief moment where the entire class started talking at once but I managed with my booming Darth Vader voice to bring it quickly to an end. The intern supervisor from Notre Dame, who was observing, had very kind things to say about the manner in which I handled my business.

Will--who is the eighth grade pretty boy--asked me where I bought my shirt. "It's tight," he said. I told him I got it at a Banana Republic outlet. "You almost there," he told me. "You need to rock the blue Old Navy umbrella for $30 with some black and white Adidas. Ladies will be on you."

Of course they went across the hall for math class and I ended up with seven of them back during planning period. They got booted for misbehavior by Mr. C. Then they went to Social Studies and went nuts. The administrators had to come out of their offices to help get the Class from Hell under control, at which point several of the students went berzerk running the halls, threatening to burn down the school and announcing that they had bombs. This resulted in a lockdown situation and bag searches. At least they behaved for me!

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