Monday, September 17, 2007

Masters of Disaster

Three years ago, Naomi Klein penned an excellent article for Harper's about neocon economic fantasies and their horrid results in Baghdad.

Now she's updated the same material to include collapsing US infrastructure and Katrina, not to mention other disasters around the globe. "Disaster Capitalism: The New Economy of Catastrophe" is an illuminating glimpse into the future. I read it in a tub full of hot water, and considered opening my veins at the finish. Couldn't do it, however, because there were several other excellent articles in this month's Harper's that I had to finish. Not all of them are quite as depressing.

If you've not seen Children of Men, and intend to, make sure to watch the hour-long documentary of intellectuals chatting about the film and its likely potential accuracy, included in the Special Features on the DVD. Naomi Klein muses about some of the ideas which appear in these articles.

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wareq said...

I tried watching that discussion and found it incredibly annoying. The movie is enough (although the book is even better).