Monday, September 17, 2007

Day 13

Many of the students were hungover and hostile this morning. It was difficult to get them on task, and then one of the APs came in and yelled at the first period for their behavior last Friday in Science class. She gave the entire class detention and that went over not at all well.

Third period went smashingly. Half the kids were absent because of non-compliance with vaccinations or suspension. Or, as in the case of TJ, both. Lukie and I met with TJ's mother this morning. She was not pleased to learn of his behavior last week. We'll see if anything changes. During third period total chaos erupted down the hall in another room, and the chaos spread quickly to the hallway. Lukie and the special educator and a social worker in our room had to run over and help calm things down. I got to teach about finding the main idea and supporting details in a text for fifteen minutes, as all hell broke loose on the north end of the second floor. Officer Wheeler was spraying mace at one point. But while I was teaching my kids were focused and on point. Then I read them an article about earthquakes. Natural disasters are always a hit in middle school.

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