Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 14

First period starts out on the wrong foot and goes downhill from there. Even the good students are disrepectful of the adults and their peers. During the class change I break up a fight between Shaquille and Maurice. Then Brandon and Courtney get into it. While I'm breaking that up Timothy punches Brandon in the kidney. Then I am breaking up Brandon and Timothy when Maurice punches Timothy. Then I am breaking up Timothy and Maurice.

The universally adored student role model R. Woodside III jumps on Tamelik's neck and starts punching him. I am appalled, and express my displeasure in no uncertain terms.

"You know my worst nightmare, gentlemen?" I ask when the dust settles. "It's getting a job here next year full-time and seeing all of you back for eighth grade language arts because you're not doing your work and no high school wants you because of this kind of behavior."

"Shit," Brandon says. "Every year they tell us we gonna fail, and we never fail, even if we fuck around all day." And he proceeds to wander the halls for the next three classes.

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