Tuesday, September 04, 2007


We were so busy with the wedding and associated events that we had no time to explore Charleston, which is a shame, because there were a lot of interesting parks and monuments within walking distance of the condo. We did get to stroll the big market downtown, which was packed with three types of people out in the swampy heat: tourists, sailors, and people trying to have sex with sailors. It rained much of the weekend anyhow. We didn't see the sun until it was setting on Sunday evening, and we left early Monday morning.

We ate ridiculous amounts of food. I know Maryland gets a lot of crab from SC because the Chesapeake Bay has nigh been raided dry, but I was unaware that ALL of the seafood in SC is tastier and fresher than it is back home.

The drive took about nine hours down and eight and a half hours back, making it a bit shorter a haul than Toronto from Baltimore by car. Once we got out of the DC/Raleigh Virginia corridor, traffic was no problem.

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