Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 19

We completely lost control of our first period class yet again today. The two students who require one-on-one support from an adult had no help today (Emmanuell's assistant was chatting on her cell phone in the hall as he danced around the room, removed his pants, and grabbed Candace's boob), while Ryesha's one-on-one never bothered to come in at all. Ryesha started a fist-fight with Brandon and popped him a good one in the eyepiece. I had to physically restrain her.

The students threw books, paper airplanes, pencils, and sunflower seeds. Lukie put on her timer and waited. I'd used this strategy on Friday when they fell apart to no avail; she waited much longer than I would have, occasionally announcing "You're up to 8 minutes of after school time, and I guarantee you will feel every minute," or "You now owe me fifteen minutes of detention." At that point the students finally began to calm down. I walked the room writing down names of students whose parents we would call later. This was effective with a few students, but others don't care. Quite often cell phones are changed and phones disconnected anyhow. Often when you get in touch with a parent the response is: "He wears me out. I am tired of dealing with his bullshit. You call the police."

At least Friday is a Professional Development Day. Only three more days of this.

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Not Mr. Right said...

This is why teachers gets paid so much money........yes, that was sarcasm. It's a shame. I teach adults, so it's much easier.