Monday, September 10, 2007

Day 10

Miserably hot and muggy in the school today. Lukie and I sweated completely through our clothes just minutes into homeroom. The poor children sweltered in their green uniform tops and khakis, and four box fans moved stagnant wet air through the room, which felt like a reptile terrarium.

Lukie had me read a story to the students. I also was more active on the academic side, distributing, proctoring, and grading a quiz. A tough gang chick with Black Widow Fam tattooed on her arm told me after my reading: "You sound like tha weathaman."

Tomorrow we are off school for Election Day as it's primary day for mayoral and city council candidates.

Here is an article about a project Cha worked on. The artist who helped the students owns Shino the pitbull, a dog I had the pleasure of not being eaten by earlier this year.

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