Thursday, February 22, 2007

Watch it

As the Mrs. and I wait none-too-patiently for the fourth season of The Wire on DVD, we've switched over to Deadwood, kindly lent us by Leesha and Big Red. It fills the void nicely. A lawless illegal prospector's camp open in Indian Territory serves as the setting. A naive East-coast dandy gets taken for a worthless stake by the more sophisticated, less edumacated members of a crime syndicate running things in town. The dandy's wife sips laudanum and hides out in the hotel. There are whores, gunslingers, snitches, a Chinaman whose pigs eat a questionable diet, and a marvelous over-the-top villain named Swearengen. A steely upstanding former Kentucky lawman named Bullock arrives with his Jewish partner to open a general store in town just as a dissolute Wild Bill Hickok rides in with Calamity Jane. Swearengen worries about every detail in his camp, and there are delicious conspiracies to ensure he maintains control. There is swearing on an Olympian scale. We've fallen hard already after only three episodes. A marvelous cast.

TV on DVD is awesome.


swanksalot said...

I love this show too, and we devoured the first 2 seasons on DVD in record time: though I turn on the subtitles. Another novella on HBO with cursing, and another that ends too soon.

swanksalot said...

and Swearengen turns out to be more complicated than just the villian. Morality aside, he's really the center of the show by at least the second season.

geoff said...

He's so appealing (the character and the actor) that he's already the center of the show for me.

John Vondracek said...

i wish I could comment more... but I don't want to spoil anything

we'll talk at lentgh about it once you take it all in

glad you enjoy it though... it's my FAV show BAR NONE

alicia said...

I often tell John that his swearing in casual conversation is much akin to Swearengen. It's never "Where is it? it's always "Where the hell is is?" Here's to more loopy cunts.

geoff said...

John swears? I hadn't noticed!

At your wedding--

Priest: Do you take Alicia to be your lawfully wedded wife?

John: FUCK yeah.