Friday, February 09, 2007

Good Riddance

Anna Nicole Smith was to insipidness what a black hole is to gravity. Nothing could escape the suction of such densely concentrated pointlessness, not even light. That her entirely expected death merits any mention by a media outlet purporting to be a "news" organization indeed signifies how retarded our culture has become. During a week when more than a dozen US soldiers and perhaps a thousand Iraqi civilians were croaked in a war concocted by ideologically blinkered buffoons whose machinations are at last being exposed in the Scooter Libby and Doug Feith investigations, the self-inflicted demise of some half-silicone trainwreck is about as newsworthy as the yellowing nail on my big toe.

I have to hear Donald Trump sing her praises on Don Imus? There's a noontime roundtable discussing her cultural significance on MSNBC? [Someone during this particularly un-illuminating segment actually intoned with all the gravitas due an expert in 'celebrity' that Anna "had a real reality about her." This in response to the question "Why did people care about her so much?"] Wolf Blitzer dedicates an entire afternoon to this veritable emblem of emptyheadedness? My local news outlets have to spend the ten minutes not relegated to weather or commercials each hour singing her praises?

A real reality. That's what I always think of when confronted by the likes of Anna Nicole Smith.

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