Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Everything is closed today because of the ice/sleet/freezing rain/snow storm: the government, the local retailers, the schools and universities, the courthouses are all shut down.

And here I am at work because we're not closed. It's no big deal because I only walk three blocks, but I had to walk in the streets because the sidewalks are buried under plowed snow which has frozen solid. The streets are a soupy mess of chemical slush with icy patches and salty gloop everywhere. Everybody else in my department is using personal time or working from home; I don't have any personal time to spare because I'm new and need to save what I have for moving in two weeks. And because the house is packed up I can't really get anything done at home. Particularly given it's Valentine's Day and the Mrs. is off.

I wonder if my 'guaranteed delivery' Valentine's package will make it today? When it doesn't show up I wonder if they'll refund my hefty shipping fee? Ha!

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