Monday, February 12, 2007


If you get a chance check out A Family Undertaking. It's less than an hour long but packs quite a whollop. I'm all for a return to home-based celebrations at death, and a cardboard box decorated by friends and family would suit me fine. The ill and quite old should not be carted off to sterile institutions for their final days--they should be at home with their nearest and dearest (one laid-out corpse in the movie is guarded by his dog companion, who sits under the bed growling at guests). The funeral industry too often whisks remains away from hospitals without families even knowing there are far cheaper options for their dearly departed. A scam of the first order.

A Family Undertaking includes touching footage of several home funerals, and follows two families through the deaths of loved ones. The Nebraska grampa who assists in the making of his own coffin is a hoot.


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