Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm a piggy

The Mrs. is off work today, ostensibly to pack some junk for the move, but in actuality to watch TV and surf the 'net all day.

So I called her and asked if she wanted to "do" lunch since she's close by, and we went to the Cafe Spice lunch buffet. I'm a piggy, because that's the second day in a row. Yesterday Flea and I ate there. The waiter asked me today which one was my wife and which one my girlfriend.

Cafe Spice is damn good. They've only been around for a couple months but I've eaten there six times. I think it's the best Indian buffet in Baltimore--certainly better than the Ambassador (and half the price), better than India Palace, better than Mughal Garden, better than that joint on 25th whose name I always forget, better than Akhbar, better by far than Bombay Grill, and is even better than Kumari, which previously was my favorite (though that's a blend of Nepalese and Indian). I like the fact they rotate through more obscure dishes, like broccoli masala and lentil paneer, and they always have a variety of veg and carni dishes. Their spicing is more intricate, more subtle than the other joints. The mulligatawny soup is amazing. Check it out.


Flea said...

Tee hee! I'm flattered!

And also, I'm already trying to figure out how quickly I can go back. I talked about Indian food with Mary R. for half an hour yesterday.

I should take Jesse and REALLY make the waiters wonder.

Silenus said...

I do say I must try this place when I come back to town.

Silenus said...

I do say I must try this place when I come back to town.

geoff said...

No, I should take Jesse and like totally confuse them.