Thursday, February 08, 2007

A tangled web unweaves

Generally I watch Don Imus for 20 minutes each weekday before work, typically between 6:30 and 6:50 while drinking my coffee. Say what you will about the often barely coherent curmudgeon, he gets good guests. This morning Republican uber-skank Mary Matalin was typically full of shit about herself, her boss Cheney, and the Libby Trial, spewing demonstrable falsehoods. To his credit, Imus gave her a hard time about everybody knowing the trial was really about the lies of the Bushies. He was likely teasing her more than actually saying what he felt, but it was still fun to hear her squirm. Imus asked her about telling Libby that Tim Russert hates Chris Matthews, and she squirmed around uncomfortably.

I didn't know Matalin called back to further clarify her strange verbal contortions. It's obvious some very big spinners are hard-at-work trying to play the media coverage of Plamegate. And they're in crisis mode.

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