Friday, February 09, 2007


Been a while since I could recall my dreams. Last night was a doozy.

I'm sitting with Julio and Yo! Adrienne. We're looking at books, and mine is a hefty astronomy tome. There's one of those Magic Eye dealies on the lower left corner of the left page. I look at it and say "I can't do these fucking Magic Eye things," and then some squiggles and lines emerge from a confused daub of colors. There are three rows and three colums of I Ching hexagrams. "Wait--I see something but it's just a bunch of lines!" I say, getting excited.

"Those are what you need to focus together," Julio replied, busting my balls.

I focused more closely and behind the hexagrams was the constellation Sagittarius. I was about to tell Julio what I saw when he said sarcastically "Is it perhaps the constellation Sagittarius?" Then I realized there was a caption above the image that said precisely what it was.

Suddenly I was a teen living in my parents' house. We had an enormous crocodile living with us for some reason. My parents were trying to get it to eat me. Apparently this was some kind of joke, and the crocodile had eaten me before. I was tired of it all, however, and was sick of being eaten and returning to life. As the crocodile chased me around the house, its dreadful toenails clicking on the wood floors, I eluded it by jumping on top of furniture, going upstairs, closing doors. I was about to escape the house. The door was bolted and I was fumbling with the lock. The croc was right behind me when I woke. Immediately after I woke the alarm went off.

Yesterday I dreamed a similar dream about a bear. The bear was just about to eat me when I woke and the alarm went off. The bear lived in my house as well, and so long as he was asleep under the covers in my bedroom all was well. Then he woke.

The last time I dreamed so clearly about a constellation, I was lying on a beach and a crab was biting my left shoulder. The sun was intense but I could see Cancer anyhow. Shortly after that I was diagnosed with melanoma on my left shoulder.

I wonder what a dream about Sagittarius means? I'm developing club foot? Or perhaps my archery skills are improving?

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