Thursday, February 22, 2007

Right Neighborly of Ya

Cha received this email from D., the last tolerable resident in the house next door to us in Towson:

I was in the Towson area over the weekend and noticed the "For Sale" sign outside your house. It just made me think of you guys and I just wanted to write a quick email to you.

I miss my York Road house, more the time I was living then my time as landlord. I enjoyed having you guys as my neighbors. I still have that picture up of you and I as Captain America and Wonder Woman. I enjoyed that house greatly, as well as the area. I wished I still had the house and probably wouldn't have sold it if I had owned it alone. I am living downtown now though and love it there. Lots of action.

Anyway, just wanted to drop a quick note and say hi to you and Geoff.


PS - I hope the neighbors (my renters and/or current) aren't what are driving you to sell.

Emphasis mine. It was his renters two years ago who drove us into the housing search, and the new owner/renters who drove us to sell.

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