Tuesday, November 14, 2006


We've looked at probably 25 houses this year. Tonight we saw what I'd consider the loveliest by far, and were we to sell our place it's comfortably in our price range (and two miles from Cha's office). Built in 1860, it sits right on beautiful Union Square, catty-corner across the park from H.L. Mencken's home. The house has new 220 service, outlets galore, and recessed lighting. It has a spectacular gourmet kitchen that is about ideal in my book, and a big back yard with parking pad to boot.

Sure, whoever put in the dual-zoned HVAC hung some crappy bulkheads upstairs and punched vents through 140-year-old plaster to do the job, but even with these pesky problems the home is nevertheless lovely and in fantastic condition. And it maintains a lot of period detail despite the modern conveniences.

I'm surprised by the price. Homes on Union Square were over 400k last time I checked. Perhaps it's haunted!?


marcH said...

is the neighborhood safe? i went to say hi to the mencken house last winter, and to visit the B&O museum, and the area felt a little dicey.

I love the house. You guys have amazing housing stock in baltimore.

geoff said...

We strolled through the park there at 8:30 on Tuesday eve and felt perfectly safe, but the yuppies coming home from their downtown jobs scurried quickly into their homes and bolted the doors.

A friend-of-a-friend lives on the park and said you can't go two blocks in any direction, but that Union Square itself is fantastic and quiet. From each corner of the park you can see those throbbing blue camera lights the Balto Police have installed to annoy drug dealers, instead of actually going into the neighborhoods themselves.

The house is about one mile from the Harbor, and about a half-mile from Hollins St. Market--but neither is accessible by foot without going through pretty sketchy neighborhoods.

We're still looking but this house is at the top of the list right now.