Friday, November 10, 2006

I told you so

I've been saying here for more than 3 years that Dr. Dean had the prescription for what ailed us. Kudos to him for taking on such a difficult task after losing his quest for the presidency. After Kerry and the DLC Clintonites undercut Dean by any means possible, Dean decided to keep trying instead of telling the Democrats to 'fuck off.' He'd certainly have been justified in doing so. Dean actually cares about America more than about grabbing power, I suspect, and decided to keep working at rebuilding an opposition party in disarray. He didn't go home to sulk, but started immediately campaigning for the DNC Chair position, all along raising money for his 50-state strategy.

Rahm Emmanual and Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi deserve some credit of course, but Dr. Dean expanded Democratic efforts in a way that stretched Rove's 51% strategy too far and allowed surprising victories in deep red states. I for one think he's great, and all the Dean critics who called him foolish and incapable can SUCK IT.


Seth Anderson said...

Emmanual keeps trying to suck up the credit for Democratic victory, and you're right: Dean should get more kudos. I don't have a link handy, but there was a fairly extensive interview with Dr. Dean in the NYT magazine about 2 months ago.

geoff said...

A lot of liberal bloggers deserve credit, too, of course--lots of netroot organizing and money raising happened in the blogosphere.