Monday, November 20, 2006


I saw truly terrible trailers for this back in 1999, and refused to see it as a result. Just goes to show how foolish some marketing folk are, because The Iron Giant is an excellent animated film--easily on a par with The Triplets of Belleville or Miyazake's stuff. I laughed out lout several times as US Cold War propaganda was ably lampooned, and there's a scene with a freaky beatnik in a lawnchair that cracked me up. Features quelques hommages to Bambi and The Day the Earth Stood Still, which are seamlessly woven into the story. Beautifully animated to boot. I might break my self-imposed no-DVD-purchasing ban for this one. Kudos to Faulty Landscape for the recommendation.


John Vondracek said...

one of my favs too... absolutely beautiful, and you are right... NOTHING like it was advertised

it's EXACTLY what makes animation "magic"

geoff said...

It's true. And much of the charm of the animation lies in the little background details--the diner, the 1950's era kitchen in Hogarth's house, the quaint seaside towns from a distance. Great stuff.

Steven Hart said...

This is a wonderful film, and a classic example of studio executives burying an artist through sheer incompetence. Warner Brothers attempted to enter the feature-length animation market with three films: the first, Space Jam, was a dreadful recycling of the classic short cartoon characters; the second, Quest for Camelot, was a lame Disney knockoff; and the third, The Iron Giant, was an original the ad people didn't know how to handle. Brad Bird, the director, was so angry with the way he'd been treated that he signed with Pixar. I always thought The Incredibles was a thinly veiled metaphorical treatment of his ordeal at Warners -- an artistic superhero held down by his inferiors.

geoff said...

As much as I love classic WB cartoons I could never bring myself to see Space Jam--or that Jenna Elfman Looney Tunes movie.

Commenting at 2:30am on a Tuesday after a fight with the neighbor over his thumping stereo. His excuse: "Well, you know man, we just got back from the bar."

When I get up for work at 6:30 he's going to hear my stereo.

Nick said...

Glad you liked it--Mr. Hart hit the nail on the head there in regards to the classic Incredibles. Now that you know Bird is on the level I suggest taking in that flick if you haven't already.

Fawlty Screenscaper.

geoff said...

I have the Incredibles in my Netflix queue--sometime next week I should get it. My niece and nephew had it along in upstate New York a couple years back, but I can't really sit inside and watch stuff with wind and water and trees about.

hey--Happy Thanksgiving to you guys! Going West or South?