Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some joy in Muddville

Last night was astonishing. I stayed up flipping back and forth through the cable and local networks until a bit before 1am. Finally remembered that today was a busy day and decided to get some sleep. Looks like a Blue sweep, but I'll feel better when Virginia and Montana are finalized (both might take some time). I can't believe the donkeys actually pulled off both chambers.

Just seeing Santorum go pleased me no end, but Allen too? Wow.

Of course all Bush has to do is fire Don Rumsfeld, appoint Joe Lieberman Sec of Def, and then the Senate's back to 50-50 and Big Dick breaks the ties. Lieberman might save them the trouble of having to do all that and simply caucus with the party who financed and re-elected him: the Republicans.

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