Thursday, November 09, 2006

Still looking

Looked at four more houses last night, all in Charles Village. We saw a fantastic Victorian for about 30k above our price range. Too bad its kitchen was terrible, or we'd have been sorely tempted by those adorable original lamps and the lush woodwork and stained glass all over the place.

The one we liked most has a big yard, and is within blocks of the BMA and a new B&N and Wyman Park. The floors and lots of tiles are original, as are a few stained glass pieces and the mantels, but there are many good upated systems. The kitchen is abysmal--that seems to be the case in many of these city houses--but it's got good bones to work with. It also has a great basement; unfinished, but simply crying out for a club room with an 8 foot billiards table and bar.

The house is about five minutes from Cha's office at Young Audiences. I'd be a 25-minute bike ride from work, or--if I bought a car--a 10-minute drive away. The bus ride would take about 45 minutes each way. ]Speaking of work--I'm finished two five-week themes already, and I'm only supposed to be finishing the first one next week. I've been put on actual deadlines weeks earlier than anticipated because I'm fast. Should have slacked off even more. Hence the time to blog and search real estate web sites at the office.]

We're going to look at a couple places in Hampden, a couple more in Reservoir Hill, and perhaps more in Rodgers Forge/Govans/Belvedere Square. Good thing I enjoy looking at houses. We're in no rush in this suddenly cool market. Many of the houses we're looking at now have been on the market for 6 months, and have reduced in price already. Perhaps letting them simmer a bit longer is a good plan. At the price we paid for our place in Towson 10 years ago we can let the market freeze solid and still do well on the sale.

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