Thursday, November 30, 2006

Greek to me

Pretty damn cool.
Also damn cool.


Earth Dragon said...

Truly cool.

Yeah, what do we know. The Christians and Muslims have a lot to answer for ... once they firmly established themselves (by the 6th century, if not before) everything starts to go to shit. Most of our technological advancements have come about ONLY because of a desire to increase material wealth or military strength.

So, what do we know.

More ancient wisdom, which I thought you'd appreciate, from the Tao Te Ching: "To be overbearing when one has wealth and position is to bring calamity upon oneself."

Certainly, we can see the truth of this if we apply it to the current Bushites, but I worry that we might also apply it to the Western World, in general.

geoff said...

The Tao also leads me to think that what has happened under Christianity (and under the dominance of Western Civ) is a cyclical phenomenon that has happened in the evolution of consciousness during previous incarnations of the Universe. All part of the grand scheme: fracture, confusion, evolution, atonement.