Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Day

From the New York Times:

President Bush on Sunday seized on the conviction of Saddam Hussein as a milestone in Iraq, seeking to rally Republican voters with the issue of national security as some polls suggested that his party might be making gains in the final hours of the campaign.

The White House said the timing of the announcement, two days before Election Day, had nothing to do with American politics and had been dictated by the Iraqi court. But Mr. Bush moved quickly to put it to use in what has been his central strategic imperative over the past week, trying to rouse Republican voters to turn out.

Had a good belly-laugh over that assertion.

I'm not allowing myself any optimism about tomorrow; recent history has proven my optimism foolhardy one too many times.

OK, I'm allowing myself some optimism: at least after tomorrow those annoying canned phone message from Bob and Kendell Ehrlich and Babs Mikulski and Rudy Giuliani will cease. I had five such calls yesterday!

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