Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Noam Chomsky has long discussed Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories in terms of apartheid South Africa--Chomsky has used the term bantustan to describe how the IDF divvies up enclaves of oppressed Palestinians and subjects them to dehumanizing treatment.

I watched Jimmy Carter on Wolf Bliter's show, then on Hardball with David Schuster, and finally on the News Hour tonight. The former President is plugging his new book on the Middle East conflict, and his three appearances marked perhaps the first three times I remember anyone telling the truth about the situation on American television. I think Jimmy's been reading Noam's stuff, because Carter has adapted the language of apartheid to describe Israel's actions. Just check out his title:

Carter didn't tell Wolf Blitzer that Clinton was lying about Arafat at Camp David, but he inferred strongly that Bill wasn't being truthful about what went on. All three anchors tried to press him about his facts but Carter said basically: "This stuff is in the public record. Nobody talks about it here, but it's true. The Israelis refused the offer we accuse Arafat of refusing. The Israelis have a debate within their society about this conflict and we uncritically report one side of it to our population. A small minority in Israel wants to steal land and control it and will use any means to ensure they can steal it. Most Israelis disagree with this policy, and Americans don't hear the full story."

Certain powerful lobbies are not going to be pleased by this media blitz of our most successful X-Pres. Many Democratic congresspeople will likely find themselves in the uncomfortable position of having to disavow or distance themselves from Carter in order to hang on to the support of said lobbyists.


Seth Anderson said...

I wish I had the stamina/fortitude to watch the talking head shows: I would have very much liked to see the last Democratic President speak. If you stumble upon youtube/C&L posts of Carter, please post em.

Have you read his book?

geoff said...

No--and likely won't. I doubt he'll add anything Chomsky hasn't covered.

Typically I don't have the tolerance to watch those shows either anymore, but today on three different unplanned occasions I stumbled on JC while channel surfing.

Seth Anderson said...

Good, I almost impulse-purchased the book through your link, but decided against it. My stack of unread-as-of-yet is getting a bit ridiculous.

Seth Anderson said...

ooops, meant to add, impulse bought like I did the Gore-bot user manual book earlier today - though that I ended up purchasing for 70 cents. I doubt Amazon will give you a cut, but they should. Shipping is inflated.

geoff said...

The Gore book is dated, so it's only worth a couple bucks. I remember Cockburn excoriating Gore for exploiting his sister's death and his son's injury for political purposes again and again. In An Inconvenient Truth Gore uses them both again.