Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tonight's the Night

Started out today writing poems for a 4th grade lesson plan. Finished said lesson plan, then with a careless mouse-click closed it without saving changes. Ended up with a blank template again. Moron. Re-wrote entire ten-page lesson from memory.

Speaking of careless mouse-clicks:

Because Cha brought home a family of mice in a bag of candies when she left Halstead Academy, we've been struggling to rid ourselves of them for over a year. I bought a Ketchall Mousetrap because killing cute gray field mice was keeping me awake nights. Works great! Immediately caught two of the little suckers and freed them elsewhere (was tempted to unleash them next door but figured they'd find a way back into our place). Then, with all the commotion of packing and painting I forgot to check the trap for a couple days. Until it started to reek. Poor little guy. The whole point of this trap is to avoid killing mice, and I let one starve to death in there! Jesus. My conscience is not clear.

This afternoon at 4pm is the home inspection on Madison Ave. My folks are coming and I'm excited to show the place off. Also dreading what we might uncover. If it passes we'll be listing our house immediately.

Must not spend money right now, d'oh:

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